LOHAN / by Ivan Morelos

The month of October clearly belongs to Lindsay Lohan. With the inevitable and never old October 3rd memes from Mean Girls. To the very date of the twins' birth in the iconic Parent Trap, October is just her month. But aside from the pop culture relevance and of course her never ending reign as queen of media, LiLo has made it to the news once again and this time it's for something that really matters. 


Lindsay Lohan has been recently advocating for the Syrian refugee crisis gripping the Middle East. While spending time in Turkey, Lohan visited a hospital hosting families who fled Aleppo, Syria due to the ISIS epidemic.

She has shared her most recent encounters on Instagram. 

In a time where the current US election is basically in shambles and people continue to focus on subjects of minor importance, it's refreshing to see that there are people who do see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, Lindsay has been receiving some backlash from the US Media claiming she is appropriating and embarrassing the people of Syria. I know that there may be skeptical people that may think Lohan's intentions may be skewed or for personal gain, but the bottom line is she is doing something and that's what really matters. The refugee topic is obviously a matter that while addressed, is still being swept under the rug. And in a time where people continue to show their true colors, this is the perfect example of Cultural Appreciation and not Cultural Appropriation.  

And now there's LOHAN, a club she recently opened this past weekend in Athens. She confirmed that she had invested in the club and elaborated on the entertainment industry, the refugee crisis, Greece, xenophobia, and how having fun is a way to "take a bad situation and make it good."


"Greece has welcomed so many refugees from Syria, and this is something to celebrate. I want LOHAN to be a celebration of people coming together."

Her aim is to have a space where people from anywhere can have a great time. During the inauguration, she also told the crowd that some of the club's proceeds will go toward charities for refugee children.

I have nothing bad to say. I'm happy she's doing well for herself and embracing this new and improved Lindsay.  My only concern at this point is saving up enough money for a trip to Greece.

So keep doing what you're doing Lindsay. I'll be watching.

And to this I say, #PlugItIn